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Thread: Vehicle hoist for gralLoching

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    Vehicle hoist for gralLoching

    Ok just about to commit on a 110 defender

    What modifications have you guys made for lifting a carcass ?

    I have seen pictures of lifting gear fitted to a landie

    Any ready items that one can buy ?

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    When I had my 110 I made a bar to fit on the roofrack that swings back over the rear door. It worked as a cantilever. Attach your hoist to the tip, takes a little practice to swing the big beasts in but is doable. Munky spannker bent it with a nice fallow buck so I would say choose your material wisely!

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    The guys had them when I worked for the 'Commission (FC) - I'll ask what the make is.

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    the tow hitch hoist that Donnington Deer management do is great, I've had one a couple of years now, red, roe fallow and munties alike, it works for all, and for around the 130 mark from memory.......really well built, you won't go wrong.

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    Can you kindly post. Picture or a link ?

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    I have one of these turning up tomorrow.

    Will let you know my thoughts will be used for some heavy stags.

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