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Thread: 243 and 270 Muzzle Brake

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    243 and 270 Muzzle Brake

    1/2 UNF .243 Muzzle brake
    17x1 metric 270/30cal Muzzle brake
    I'm after a .243 x 1/2 UNF and a .270/30cal 17x1 metric, Muzzle brake I am not to fussed about age/style etc.

    Drop me a PM if you have anything

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    Ash drop me a line and I will give you contact details for Dave mercer he will be able to knock you some up , or if you are prepared to wait about 3 weeks contact Ron Bartlett at Vias an have yourself made what I consider to be the benchmark in muzzle brakes at about $120 a piece.
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    Have you tried Third Eye Tactical down in West Yorks? They make Brakes and are a first class outfit.


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    You might also want to consider Steve Kershaw in Howden, I have three rifles with brakes fitted by Steve.

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    Another thumbs up for steve Kershaw



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    Hi Ash
    If it's any good, I have a RPA muzzle brake, 17x1 thread. However, the call may be under size? It is stamped .268 and the bore, measured with a caliper is 6.9mm. Good for .223 and maybe .243, providing the barrel thread is concentric to the bore.

    I can do some pics, (it's flat top & bottom, tapers to the front and brakes sideways) and would be happy with 70 posted.


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    Hi ash, I have a Steve Kershaw muzzle break 1/2"X UNF thread, in stainless steel, which has been oil drenched to dull the shine, for sale.

    Pm if interested.

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    Ash, thanks for your pm, pic sent to your email addy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stiffy View Post
    Hi Ash
    I will email you some pics when the camera battery has charged up.
    It looks like the one in this link to the RPA list of accessories
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