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Thread: Public footpaths and shooting

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    Public footpaths and shooting

    Right Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I am in the process of obtaining some land, its only 50 acres but has no public right of way. But a public footpath runs down the boundary of one side of the grounds. Between the footpath and the land is a 12 foot hedgerow and ditch. I would like to position a highseat against a tree in the hedgerow, with my back to the footpath. I won't be seen from the path because the hedge is very thick and high. If I do this, will I be breaking the law? I've looked through various legal acts, but they seem very vague on the matter.
    Can anyone help?

    All I can find on the matter is a possible offence of noise nuisence.

    Thank you Steve.F

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    Don't think you are doing wrong by siting your seat near a footpath what you need to be careful of is some unauthorised idiot climbing into it falling out and suing you or the landowner, also they have to be checked twice a year and a written report submitted to the landowner, l think l am rite in saying, the BASC do an info booklet on highseats and there legalities.


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    Thanks Monynut,
    Yeah you are right. I'm going to put a sheet of plywood over the rungs and lock it to the tree with a motor bike chain, I will also have a sign on the ladder. What a lot of hassle! Why can't people just leave things alone!!!

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    That's life mate, with all the red tape we have to contend with these days it does make you wonder if its worth it, or is that what they wont....

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    Yup, thats the impression I get. The farmer who owns the land does'nt give a sod about anything, he didn't understand why the police had to have a look round in the first place. He even said " you'd be better off with a AK47 and selling drugs, police would leave you alone then"!

    I'd usually agree but a chap in the next street has been arrested for shooting dead that Hell's Angel a couple of weeks ago. Personally I'd have just got a large orange chimp to punch him out. Orange chimp, I can't spell Orang-utan.

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    Hi Beowulf, you should be ok as far as using the high seat like you describe. You aren't endangering the public and so long as the footpath isn't big enough to be re-designated as a public road you should be ok in the future. Hope you have better luck than me, one high seat wrecked and had to take away another as feral chavs kept climbing up there for a smoke of something herbal and then hacking bits off it, Police didn't want to know about that of course except to tell me I was liable if the little dears hurt themselves.

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    Hi Geo,
    Thanks for the advice, I'm worried about high seat security. I use a fold away ally seat at present, but will require at least another six on the land. So it will have to be wooden seats to keep the price down. The land is 50 acres=three set aside fields and two standard Oak and Hazel coppiced woodlands. Stalking it on foot is rather unproductive, high seats and hides are the way forward I think. As you mentioned, Jo public seemed to be drawn by magnets when it comes to trashing high seats!

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    Just be a bit carefull as I always thought you couldn`t shoot a shotgun/firearm within 50 feet of the centre of a public highway, and I had a planning thing going on recently and a public footpath is designated as a class 7 public highway.

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