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Thread: Moderator ???

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    Moderator ???

    Sorry if this has been discussed before -
    It seems to be the norm to fit a moderator and I think I know what the benefits are but does one really need one? How many of you go about your business without?
    Take a 24'' varmint fluted barrel, rifle weight around 8.5lbs and calibre 243 for foxing and stalking - do I need to stick 14 - 20oz of extra weight on the end? Will there be much muzzle flip? should I buy a set of ear plugs, will I get a second shot or will the noise frighten everying off for miles?
    Problem is by the time the bipod and scope are fitted the weight is going to be rising all the time and I dont really want to add further or imbalance the set up - and it looks better without.
    What do you think? thanks.

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    Why the varmint contour on a stalking rifle, or even for fox, dont understand the logic.

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    If you need a mod on that set up, you could follow advice as given on a similar thread, Roedale or CMM4 both very light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W16OEN View Post
    What do you think? thanks.
    As per my gallery, I like the AU-SL5. Regards JCS

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    Redneck - the rifle is an RPA Hunter which I believe has a heavier fluted barrel - I dont want to put a mod on if I can help it. Can I get away without?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    As per my gallery, I like the AU-SL5. Regards JCS
    JCS, would that be the AU-S5? Squat and dumpy as they are, but stainless and 590g. Noise attenuation not quite as good as the AU-Jet-Z compact which weighs in at 560g.

    W0160EN, Do you really need one for stalking? No not really, only if you value your hearing.

    I would say if you are going to use it at the range or off the bonnet of your vehicle use the Jet-Z, they seem to be the best at noise reduction in the published tests. If you want it purely for stalking the the A-Tec CMM-4 at 220g is seemingly the best bet.

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    New SL5 weighs in at 370g
    Slightly shorter and slimmer than the S5

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    Nah you don't NEED one, I do all my stalking without a mod. I have got a Wildcat to fit to the 7mm but only on request, if I take a day somewhere etc. I'd probably go for one of the Roedale items or the A-tec CMM4 if I could afford one but just can't justify the money. I must say though, I wouldn't be without a mod on my .22-250 setup, but that's purely for foxing out of the Land Rover so the heavy T8 isn't any bother.

    Try stalking without one for a few months and if you find the 'Bang' too much then get a mod.


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    Grant - any idea if these mods are available here yet? If so how much and where from? I'm very happy with my S5, apart from it being a little heavy! It looks like they do a .22 version of it too which is a real bonus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant.N View Post
    New SL5 weighs in at 370g
    Slightly shorter and slimmer than the S5
    AU-SL5 available from Alex Dalgleish in Eaglesham, I picked one up on Saturday. Regards JCS

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