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Thread: RSPB would be Happy

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    RSPB would be Happy

    Over the years I have spent a great deal of cash on the necessities or should I say the essentials (just in case the wife reads this) for shooting and stalking. From vehicles to dogs, firearms, scopes, binos, clothes etc etc. Recently I invested in a trail cam (not an expensive one) and this has opened up a whole new world. I have had it covering areas I know are frequented by deer and fox but more recently had it on a pheasant feeder which was going through wheat quicker than most. The RSPB SSPCA etc would be proud. Turns out I am feeding more birds and animals than all the tree huggers put together. Always knew that we do more good in and for our countryside.

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    Yip Gazza, it was always a thing in our favour and the RSPB know we keep the birds alive in the winter and the gralloch keeps the big hookies happy too....

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    Guys take a look at this link - "Keepers are the unsung heros"

    It confirms what we all know and what you have experianced.
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    Hi Gazza.. I'm considering buying one as I'm wondering what is coming and going from a tube train sized hole on my patch amongst other things. What kind did you buy and is it coming up to expectations?.

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