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Thread: FC disgusting practices in the Forest of Dean?

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    FC disgusting practices in the Forest of Dean?

    DJS PHOTOGRAPHY - Wild Boar photography by David J Slater

    Check out the graph mid way down. There's a lot of 'big' pigs shot when sows are either heavily pregnant or with dependant young. Also look closely at the pattern of the graph. No seasonal consideration from the FC. While the website author is clearly biased against the FC, if the information is accurate I'm disgusted and horrified.

    These animals need seasonal protection, they deserve that at least.

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    I totally agree they need seasonal protection but the FC dont want deer or pigs in their forestry.what ever their spin doctors say.

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    FAC shoot all deer night and day all year round in season and out its being known for years so why you shocked they do the same with boar !

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    I got talking to a game dealer from down there last year who has the contract for all the boar shot by the FC in the forest of Dean and I was amazed at the numbers he reackoned were shot and passed through his doors each week, if I rememeber correctly it was about 30 a week which seems far too many be maybe there are more than we think.

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    if you look at the weights it's just about slaughter, shoot on sight. Pregnant sows, sows with young or whatever. Some of the data shows they likely shot a sow with young following first and followed up on the young around her. Just terrible, depriving young of their mother in such circumstances amounts to an offence because of the suffering element. I'm sure they would say this is not the case.

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    They do the same with deer under licence so why any difference with Boar.

    Total eradication is what's needed. Boar cause havoc in Germany and they only struggle to kill 400,000 a year when they really need to achieve double that in order to stand still on population control.

    Hence their plan on using the Army in 2012 to cull two million.


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    Quote Originally Posted by logburner View Post
    I totally agree they need seasonal protection but the FC dont want deer or pigs in their forestry.what ever their spin doctors say.
    I think one of the issues might be the row that will kick off if one of the many tourists gets ripped by a boar or someone has a dog killed (I think that's happened already) it won't be good for their PR and the FC will be blamed and maybe get a claim for compensation, I wouldn't be at all surprised if their insurers are behind this.

    I was also interested to see that according to the graph one animal shot in January weighed in at about 200kg - that's a mighty boar!!
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