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    Simmons 8 Point

    Looking at a Simmons 8 point 1.5-5 x32 for my rimfire 22. Any opinions would be greatly apreciated. I,ll be using it for lamping as well as day time.
    Cheers, Tusker

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    Hi tusker i have had an eight point on my air rifle which it is ok on but its a bit murky in low light. I now have a nikko stirling 3 -12 x42 night eater on my. 22. And for the money it preety good

    Hope this helps

    Regards pj

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    I would opt for any of the 40+ objective lense scopes .....

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    Many thanks guys, am now looking at 40 mm plus Soooo good to canvase opinions.

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    I think you would find it worth while to go for a slightly higher magnification too? 5 times is fine when using an air rifle but when shooting out to 80 yards those bunnies heads are going to look rather small. You don't have to worry about recoil so the cheaper end scopes will be fine but get the biggest objective lens that you can afford. It doesn't half help with finding the target quickly.

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    I have, in Montana of all places, a very accurate Ruger 10/22, I can't believe I have just said that, and on that is a Simmons 8 point. I cant remember what the magnification is, but if you ask Muir nicely he may look for you, I think it was 40mm definitely not 32. What I can remember is it was $38 and it never lost it's zero in a month of almost daily use we were shooting prairie dogs while testing some new ammo for Aguila and that scope impressed me a lot. It got thrown around dropped on several occasions, it has dents, scars and scuffs all over it and never once lost it's zero and it was checked daily before use on game great scope for the money.

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