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Thread: abvice needed on foxing?

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    abvice needed on foxing?

    Hi there,

    I have recently got permission too shoot foxes on a farm
    where theres 300 chickens.
    Ive taken 2 in the last 3 weeks with a 243 using 100gr RWS T mantles they work well but think the 243 is too much gun,was thinking off buying a 223 and a lighter weight off bullet would this be advisable
    Waiting on a lamping set up too come this week, its a tracer 170, heard they r quite good so thought id try it, any advice on using it and any foxing tips would be much appreciated

    regards marshall

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    Hi mate

    Rather than go for a smaller caliber why dont you drop your bullet weight to say 75gr. The .243 is mustard on foxes and a dead one is dead so does too much gun really matter.

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    Why do you think it's too much gun? A dead fox is a dead fox, and you won't be eating it so meat damage not a problem. In terms of safety, I don't think there's a shot that you wouldn't take with the .243, which you would with .223. I would think it has the same backstop requirements etc.

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    You could umm and arr over the caliber but you have .243 it is fine. (they all go bang whizz smack)
    Try a lighter load, 70grn you will then be able to watch the impact and reaction of the shot.
    You have the chickens to attract them, so try and keep calling to a minimum just to stop the fox for the shot

    Make sure any round you send towards the fox is a kill, better to try again next time than scare him with a shot.

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    There are plenty on here that will agree that too much gun is not a bad thing but a .223 is a very good addition and is a very capable fox rifle using 40 to 55 gr. There is little doubt that lamping is an excellent tool in the war against fox but I believe in that getting to know your foxes is well worth the effort. Early morning and late evening before it gets dark can be as productive as lamping or using NV.

    Your landowners 300 chickens will certainly be a centre of attention for the local fox population but I would suggest you spend a bit of time finding your fox holes and paying attention to these areas before they get near the chickens.

    Never used a tracer 170. Lightforce lamps using the 100w horizontal filament bulbs are without doubt the best (IMO).

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    Why do you want to go to the expense of another gun.Just reload lighter bullets if it bthers you that much but in my opinion you should just shoot your normal ammo.

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    55gr hollow points, that will say hello. Good for rabbits too!

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    I use 100 grainers on deer and foxes.
    If it`s working why change it?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    The more I learn the more I realise..........dont fix what aint broken.
    .243 work well on foxes
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Why change? .243 will do fine, go for a lighter bullet if you wish , though I have never had a problem with 100g on Foxes

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