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Thread: pecar berlin 4-10x45

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    pecar berlin 4-10x45

    i was having a clean up of my kit the other day when i came across a old pecar berlin scope i forgot i had which i was given a while ago as a favour from a friend. as the title says its a 4-10x45 and even tho pecar did some 26mm tubes this one seems to fit 25mm rings so i take it its a 25mm tube. the scope has a very fine standard cross reticule and there are no scratch marks on the glass but now for the bad point, in the eye bell there are two lenses with a void between them and in this void there is what looks like paint flakes which is floating about which every now and again sticks to the lense but with a tap falls off and there are also some ring marks on the tube. the crying same is that i bet with normal use you could pick the scope up 50 times when on a rifle and maybe once you would see the bloody paint and the other 49 times you would have a fantasticly clear scope which is honestly on par with schmidt and the likes. i dont know what this scope would be worth so i'm going to open it to sensible offers and if no one wants it i will just stick it on my .22 as its just to good to sit in a box

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