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Thread: First Roe Buck

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    First Roe Buck

    Evening All,

    I have just taken my first Roe buck last night. .

    I went to the farm where I have been observing Roe over the last few weeks; I was on the ground for about 1900hrs and went for a walk around the boundaries to see if anything was about. unfortunately there was no sign of any deer movement, so I headed down to the potato field area that has a woodland joining on to it, I slowly stalked down the edge of the wood to about 50yds off the boundary then sat and waited to see if anything might come my way this was about 2000hrs. With everything still I decided to move to the high seat I wasn't more than 100yds away when I looked back to see 2 deer bounding off
    After some choice words to myself I continued off to the high seat for the last half hour.

    Again sat there just enjoying to the quiet and the sunset, when I decided that was it time for home one last scan and there he was a young Roe buck just following the fence line in the barley field, I moved into a firing position checked my safe area no one was about now I was covering him just waiting for him to pause, then he stopped for a nosey and I released the shot and down he went, I reloaded and covered the area for 5 mins before climbing down and moving off to check him. When I got there he was laid on his side just where I dropped him no sign of movement after the shot. I measured the distance with the rangefinder and it was 76 yds.

    I tried to take a photo with my phone but light was bad so I gralloched him and made my way home where I had the wife take a photo and my youngest was still awake and had to be in the picture.

    My lads woke up this morning wanting to know how I got on and when they heard that was it they wanted some for dinner!! So I butchered it this morning and we had some this evening and it was good...

    Thanks for looking

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    Brilliant Daz,that will stay with you forever mate,I like the young'uns jacket as well,get 'em involved early that's the way.


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    Congrats on your first of many Daz.
    Hopefully that will be your boy in a few years.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil View Post
    Congrats on your first of many Daz.
    Hopefully that will be your boy in a few years.
    Not in the bucket surely?!!

    Well done fella

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    Congrats on your first Daz may there be many more , good write up too mate


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    A great read & Well done Mate

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    Many congrats, and well done for staying that last bit in the highseat, all too many bugger off home early and miss the action! I was one of them when I first started

    The first buck is very special, and I imagine a bit like Heroin, you're always chasing that same feeling, but it's never quite the same. Mount it nicely and get a plaque for it too, it will serve you with many memories in years to come when you walk by it in the hallway. I treasure my first little 2 pointer more than any subsequent 6 pointer I have ever shot!

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    Thanks Guys for taking the time to read my write up, I am now finding out how much time is spent on cleaning the head. After reading some posts on here I have just borrowed my dads pressure washer to give me a helping hand.

    Dom how are things down your neck of the woods had many since the DSC L1?

    Thanks Again


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    Not as many as I would have liked mate...just the one buck

    Dropped you a pm


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