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    Wee Beasties

    Not sure if anyone knows the answer to this but everytime I go to the top of my garden I getr bitten by a wee beastie. I havent a clue what it is but all I know is it loves my feet, back of knees and groin. My nieghbours have the same problem too. I thought it might be Blandford fly as I live near Wimborne Dorser but not so sure. The bites are like a raised spot that itches like hell. Thing is whenever I go abroad I dont ever get bit by mossies so what the hell is attempting to eat me here??

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    Boogies (aka Bracken bugs).
    Always worst this time of year, particularly round ankles / feet or where clothing is tight.
    Think they are a kind of mite.
    They are tiny, but can sometimes be seen on the skin. If you try to brush them off they just burrow in and hang on.
    They are seasonal, so usually clear up in a month.
    Having a hot bath helps.

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    Harvest mites for sure. Known as chiggers by the septics. My girlfriend gets eaten alive by them every year. For some reason they don't like the taste of me.

    They like the warm spots (underarm, groin, backs of knees etc.). They're tiny little orange things, and often you'll see them clumping in warm damp spots. They live on the grass and such, and the first frost of the year will kill them off. Other than that there's not much you can do about them apart from get hold of some cream for the bites, maybe an antihystamine if you're badly affected.

    Apparently products with deet in will keep them off, but I think in the long run the bites are safer than deet!

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    Mr you speak from experience? and the replies I have had would make sense as there is a field of either corn, barley or rape depending on year where I sit in the eve to watch deer at the top of my garden, its when I get back that I notice they have eaten me alive. I suppose |I will just have to put up with the little sods.

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