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Thread: tight going in, stiff coming out!!

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    tight going in, stiff coming out!!


    some of my homeloads are a bit tight going in, and a bit hard to extract unfired rounds. fired round seem to come out ok

    rifle is r93 .243, havent had problem with the r93 .308 but i havent re used brass as many times

    brass is a few times neck sized, various makes. always trimmed/chamfered and de burred. col's are all below max (blaser mag restriction).

    does this mean i need to fully rezize after a couple of neck sizings?

    cheers in advance

    Gary J

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    Usually that is the case. Most makers of neck sizing dies will tell you just that: That you need to FL resize periodically. There's one way to find out.... ~Muir

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    I had same problem its a matter of bumping the shoulder back a bit or like said resizing fully.

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    thanks for the reply guys - i was begining to think that tight and sitff were just distant memories for some of the older guys

    6.5 x 55 - how do i bump the shoulder back? do i just need to screw the lee neck sizing die in a bit more?? if so how much? how can you check if youve got it right??


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    The neck sizing die will do nothing. It's not just the shoulder, it's the head area as well. Get and use the FL sizing die and save yourself much grief. ~Muir

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    What make of brass are you using Bucksden? If it is inferior to start with all the sizing in the world will still leave you with problems. I'd suggest buying the best you can afford (I use Lapua) and then use the round in just one rifle so they remain fireformed to that rifles chamber.

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    brass includes rws, winchester, federal, nickeled winchester. it is all ex factory ammo, fired either in my r93 or prohunter. fullyresized if it was used in other rifle, have since been neck sizing. will fully resize a few and probably buy a box of lapua soon and bin the old mixed junk.

    havent has the same problem in my .308 (perhaps my loads are softer?)


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    I don't shoot Lapua at all yet have only had the problem you describe with brass that wasn't sized properly for my chamber. (ie: needing it's periodic FL resize.) Once you dump this mixed bag of brass you're shooting you should do fine with any quality brass kept segregated to your gun. Remember to trim your brass after each loading.~Muir

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    243 brass

    Whats the most times anyone has actually reloaded a piece of .243 brass?
    I ask because it has a reputation(on the internet)as being hard(gap) on brass.I had one batch of winchester .308 brass that I loaded at least 5 times and wondered if I could do the same with my .243.
    I have actually reformed some of the 308 brass,but there is a noticable line halfway up the new shoulder where the old shoulder was,and I think the case may seperate at that point.

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