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Thread: Hello from another newbie

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    Hello from another newbie

    Thought I would just introduce myself as a new member. I have been browsing this site for a while now and thought I would register. It seems friendly and the discussions are interesting and informative for a novice stalker.

    I am based in Dorset.

    I only tried shooting in February of last year, a have a go session with a 28 bore at a local clay school, I was bitten by the bug. These days I go clay shooting, (very) rough game shooting, lamping for bunnies and foxes and deer stalking.

    I tried deer stalking for the first time early this year on a paid for outing with a professional stalker. I did DSC1 in the summer. And yes I now have my own rifle.

    I really enjoy my stalking trips even if they are unsuccessful, as I love being out and about in such a lovely part of the world.

    Claire M

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    Hi Claire,
    Welcome to the site. Im relatively new myself, and have always found everyone very helpful and a mine of information. Looking forward to reading about your shooting adventures some time soon.


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    claire welcome im from just over the border in somerset
    probably see you clay shooting out and about some time
    enjoy the site regards pete.

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    Welcome aboard

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    Hi Claire
    Welcome to the site.
    I get down to Dorset stalking a bit, back down in November looking forward to it, beautiful county with lots of deer.


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    Thanks guys.

    I think forgot to mention it Roedinator but my mentor has a farm in Somerset, another beautiful county.

    I also forgot to mention (how could I!) that hubby is also a keen shot. When we are lamping for bunnies we take turns to drive and shoot..... no jokes about women drivers please! After all I haven't got the landie stuck....yet!


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