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Thread: Bauer Binoculars - Special Offer to Stalking Directory members

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    Bauer Binoculars - Special Offer to Stalking Directory members

    Bauer Stalking Directory Promotion for August and September on the Bauer HD range. All SD members get 10% discount off the list price. To claim simply email or telephone with your SD user name and you will qualify for the 10% discount.

    The Bauer HD range is the Hunters glass and features excellent low light performance.

    Available are:

    8x32 230 (207)
    8x42 285 (256.50)
    10x42 295 (265.50)
    8.5x50 345 (310.50)
    8x56 495 (445.50)

    Prices in brackets are SD members prices.

    Please note that we are currently out of stock of the 8x56 but are due a shipment. Any orders placed for out of stock items will be supplied at the discounted price as soon as available.

    Bauer are a German optical company established in 1936. 2011 is their 75th anniversary. The binoculars are manufactured in China to Bauer specification and are exclusive to Bauer. They are not "badged" items produced for other companies. Bauer took the decision to have the binoculars produced in China because of the high labour costs in Germany. The optics and construction are superb and all binoculars come in a fitted carry case.

    More information here:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BauerHD-10x42.jpg  

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