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Thread: Yorkshire buck

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    Yorkshire buck

    I don't have much stalking of my own, a very small piece of land in Norfolk and a farm five minutes from my home. Since April I have been out by me keeping an eye out for bucks locally but have only seen them on two occasions the rest of the time it is always does that I come across. I have only shot one deer locally before as they are not about in massive number so I am happy to take a buck every other year and let the does get on with it.
    In April I watched a big buck but he was in velvet so I left him and since then I have not seen a buck until two weeks ago when I watched one chasing a doe. Again I left him as I was happy just watching, but since then the bucks have been nowhere to be seen and as I have seen does on almost every stalk I have been kicking myself for not taking my opportunity during the rut. Then Monday night I had to take the dog out and even though it was 8.30pm I grabbed my rifle for another attempt. I walked down the side of a grass field next to a wood but saw nothing then as was climbing over a fence into a field with standing wheat a buck appeared form nowhere and bolted down a tramline running parallel to the grass/wheat field fence line. As it ran the dog started to run in and as I shouted her back the buck stopped at about 70 yards so I mounted my rifle and took him cleanly just behind the shoulder though it was a little high.
    To me it was a big buck and heavier than others I have shot, not that I weighed it but I was sweating my kn-----s off carrying it half a mile up hill and I have rope burns on my shoulder. The antlers are but big in relation to the body but are malformed and he had quite a few scares too. When I skinned it there was bruising at the top of its rear legs that may have been done by another buck. He was also lacking a big white patch on his rump that is the norm of the roe round me, almost completely brown. What was nice was he was not riddled with ticks and keds that infest the Norfolk deer I get. One draw back was that as it was a last minute decision to go out I didnít change out of my going out jeans and they ended up cover in blood but it was worth it. I will try to upload photos later.

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    nice result there mate , well done !

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    Well Done sound like a great afternoon with a good buck


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    perfect end to an evening out with the dog

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    well done thats a stalk to remember

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