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Thread: Firearms Form 111

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    Firearms Form 111

    Hi there, just got my variation through for various guns, including a "Firearms Form 111 - Permit to possess a firearm and/o'r ammunition" where they have included my currently owned .22 Hornet on which is valid for 12 months !? Doe's that mean i'm not authorised to use it ? It wasn't what i expected after the conversation with the FEO !

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    That's a phone call to your flo to see what the crack it me thinks...

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    I've never even heard of form 111. 101 is application for FAC and 102 is the FAC.

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    Its a permit to possess but not use or acquire - as I understand it at least

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    Every one I have had has been authority to posess only, not use.

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    You mention a conversation with your FEO, but haven't revealed the context, or the content for that matter.

    Form 111 is a temporary Permit for Possession of a Firearm..... 12 months isn't 'temporary', and use is usually prohibited.

    It can't cover Ammunition either.

    The usual is 28 days ........ with the wording 'THIS FIREARM IS NOT TO BE FIRED'. Whatever your FEO says, the terms of Form 111 are what matters.
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    It does cover ammunition - says so on the form. But not use of either firearm or ammunition. Whether the police will issue it for ammunition or not is a different matter...

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    All the ones I have ever had have always covered ammo as well as the firearm.

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    Hi there, my argument/conversation with the FEO was that the .22 Hornet could be used on a couple of relatively built up areas i had as shooting grounds and the 22/250 ive just aquired on more open land !thought we'd seen eye to eye, but it seems that the FEO would rather give me one calibre per quarry regardless of safety issues ! Iv'e got 12 months to shift it, and untill then iv'e only the rights to posses the firearm and ammunition !! Not to worry ! It'll be a sad day when it goes

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    I wonder whether the FLO has misunderstood your circumstances; perhaps he has mistakenly come to the conclusion that you do not have good reason to use both these quite different chamberings.

    It might be worth writing him a letter to try to clarify the situation?

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