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Thread: Hornady GMX bullets

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    Hornady GMX bullets

    Has anyone used these bullets yet, particularly on UK deer species? Am interested to hear of any terminal expansion findings.
    Would be in the 150 - 180 grain range in a 308/306 calibre.

    Many thanks


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    i,m using the gmx superperformance in 139 grain 7mm08 and i,ve only shot roe and fox with them yet,meat damage does,nt seem anymore than the federal fusion i was using,seem to be very consistent and very accurate in my rifle,i,ll be sticking with them as long there consistent.

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    If they are anything like the Barnes they should be fine. I would advise going with a lighter bullet than usual to keep the velocity up. They should still penetrate deeply as there is no core to shed. My experience with 7mm, .308 and 22/250 is that meat damage is negligible even when impact velocity is very high (3600fps ish). I am looking at using the 100 grain barnes in a 6.5 but havent got any to try yet

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    I've been using them for a while now - 30cal, 155gr.

    Great consistency and expand better than barnes.

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