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Thread: Correct mounts for Swarovski Habicht 6x42

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    Correct mounts for Swarovski Habicht 6x42

    Can anyone advise a good quality set of rings/mounts that would fit the above scope to go onto a BRNO 601? I don't really know much about mounts and it all looks quite confusing..

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    Warne do a set for those older Brno's. I seem to remember the rear mount has a claw which acts as a recoil stop?

    Sportsman might be the best bet unless one of the lads here can help you out.

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    Hi Claret, do you think they are medium or high?

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    Edgars might be able to help.. I used the Hilver rings on mine and yes the rear one has a recoil lug that engages in a notch on the rear bridge. Millet also make some but I don't like them personally they feel cheap................................ very cheap. You might try optics warehouse as well.

    Yep they still list them.:-

    Product ID: HTBSQBRNO
    Manufacturer: Hillver
    Hillver tasco B Square Steel Ring Mounts BRNO
    Hillver tasco B Square Steel Ring Mounts BRNO. CZ550 - CZ2537 and ZKK600 - 601-602. Fully machined steel, magnum clamping system with integral recoil stop. Available in 1" Low Gloss Q/D and 1" Low Matt Q/D Lever.Height 9.5mm.....40.80 inc VAT Hope that helps.
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    Who is best Warne or Hilver? They both do 601 compatible mounts?

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    Personally I prefer the Hilver (now Lynx/B-Square) as I find the vertically split type a right PITA .

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