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Thread: Harvest

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    Hows the Harvest going
    Got about another week and a half dependin on wheather here in Kent
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    My son in Hampshire reckons he's got weeks to go. Very start/stop. The keeper is getting frustrated because he can't let the poults out. Bubble

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    We still have all our spring barley and wheat to get in, only managed to get the winter barley and rape in so far. Fingers crossed we'll get a go friday / saturday. A lot of the deer / foxes are still hiding, grrrrrrrr !!!!!


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    all go today many in wheat now still going tonight at 10pm

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    We plan to start on our wheat this weekend for the first hundred acres then doing the rest starting next weekend if all goes to plan. Hoping it will show the bucks that seem to be hiding so well


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    Barley and rape down and wheat in 10 days. Trying to sow rape before then. Looks like will be tight to get finished up for 1st October to play.


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    On the 2 farms I shoot over, Rape, Wheat & Barley all in, straw bailed, some fields already disced.

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    Strange year, we have some customers who will be finished in wheat this weekend (mostly big spud farmers who have pushed on) and some customers who haven't started any wheat because its still not ready. Could be a long season for us.


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    north yorkshire has really been put back by 4-5 daysof rain stop start all rape and winter barley are in there on with wheat now some fields are drilled already

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    I could do with some wheat for my pheasants actually, buying from the grain store is too expensive and the farmers usually let me have a ton or ton at a good price

    You guys started letting your poults out of the release pens yet?

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