hi had a invite to stalk at newton stewart last weekend. Oh what about the midges i think ask the forum.
post a thread got a lot of replies best go shoping. of i go hat with net in the local gunshop oh good right now for the sss asy wiffey oh ive got some put 20 drops tee tree in 20drops citrenala give it a good shake that should be ok.
check rifle thats ok. Right pack bag tray coats thats every thing saturday morning load van of i go. Get to digs in good time make contact with henry will meet 6 pm ok.
6 pm pick up off we go stop one nothing about. lets go to a bigger spot near forest and moors rain trying no midges go for 20 mins spot fawn doe 2 more does where bob buck try caller oh there he is stands watching us not bothered not a good shot wait 5 mins here we go bang henry says you wait here 10 mins latter no body. hang on ill come over and look get to 6 foot wall a lot of water place rifle on bipod at bottom of wall. Not very adgile 22 stone clime wall sit on top jump into watery grass splat wet head to toe s@@t
pick myself up p'ss wet henry says what the f;;k are you doing dont ask.
lets carry on wet or not wellies half full spot 2 more does no buck get to top of moor next to forest spot red hind a long way off 2 barn owls wait for 30 mins head for the van change trousers socks boots 9.45 lets go lamping next farm starts to drizzle not good spot charlie bang 1 down more rain 2 more lets go home 11.15 see you in the morning 5.30 up of we go glass several places odd doe no buck henty says lets go to my mates up the road. 10 mins latter up long concrete road spot 2 fawns where mummy bear 5 mins spotted of she goes up the hill/mountain buck in tow.park van load rifle of we go up the bb=-- mounting spot another buck good way of on the left try caller hes comming like jack flash oh not my way looking for the doe next 2 bucks fitting near the top long wayb of come on he says heavy going not been grazed all summer big tufts grass bracken ulbow hieght get to top of hill buck looks legs it gone oh gosh.Lets follow lost it back to van 2 hrs gone lets get some breakey single track road no where to turn 2 mls latter turn round drive a bit oh stop back up whats that fawn no small buck check check again yes it is disapears behind wall drive up hill stop on road walk across to top of hill look down not there.Henry says wait here he goes down to wall 100 mtr away starts to signall cant see it fox on wall spot it bang s..t buck comes out bang down it goes. Quick groulic in the van of we go just check on the doe we sore on the way here pull up still ther on its own no buck. Turn round whats that its buck not our ground but its going the right way
Over 5 foot wall 2 strands barbe wire bit close of i go up to our wall look over not there climb over sneak along towards where it should be bingo bipod out lydown grass to long all time walking away at the angle move forward 5 mtr spot on 160 yards be quick i think bang stone dead very pleased nice 6 pointer get van load up of we go for breakfast 2 bucks 9am 9.20 am so much for the early start 5.30 .
breakfast shower load up 4 hr drive home good weekend.
not very good story righting. Thanks for the advice.
no midges after all the preparation better safe than sorry.

many thanks phil