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Thread: Outfit (jacket and trousers)

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    Outfit (jacket and trousers)

    Hi all. I was just wondering what people in the forum would recommend when it comes to purchasing trousers and jacket. I own a couple of trousers (both from Deerhunter, one is a cammo [realtree] and a daytona [brown]) but need to buy a jacket. I quite like the daytona, but I am just ot sure whether I *must* have a cammo jacket or the daytona brown will do. A couple of people I know would only wear Norsveda'Mossy Oak', so I am really between minds on what I should do. I need something that will be as close to an all arounder as possible, so I am grateful for all suggestions. Thanks!

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    More and more people are moving away from Cammo I have never noticed a differance in reaction of deer whichever I have been wearing as long as its not noisey fabric and a dull green or brown.I know for a fact that you do not get agro from Jo public the same when not using cammo which helps when you meet someone who should not be there like more and more arrogant dog walkers we seem to be aflicted with now.

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    I’m really happy with ridge line monsoon smock and trousers to match thats a teak colour, but if I was to buy again I would go for river west field pro smock and trousers a medium olive green and realy good kit. Or any of the river west jackets.

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    Attachment 8665 This is the jacket I am thinking of buying. Attachment 8666 and these are the matching trousers I already own. I would really like your suggestions. I am new to stalking and I have a lot to learn....

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    Just click on the second image above (trousers) and navigate left and right! Thanks

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    I think we come from the same neck of the woods!

    Whatever you get make sure it is silent, warm and waterproof. Especially the trousers since it is likely that you will be taking shots, prone, kneeling or sitting. I have opted for camo deerhunter: http://www.swillingtonshootingsuppli...sville-jacket/. The quality and performance of the garment is excellent considering the price! The only down side of camo is that I feel like a tw@t in public places. From following threads here and speaking to professional stalkers there does not seem to be any obvious advantages of camo over single colour. What is more important is to move little, be silent, cover white areas like the face and hands and stalk with the wind in your face.

    Peri (Perikles)

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    Check out my comments on mil surplus stuff on these threads, just so I don't repeat it all again. However, it works for me and 30ish buys you a smock plus goretex shell to be worn under so you can spend the rest on stalking, hope the links work:

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    Psyxologos you won't beat the rivers west clothing, have a look at the pro field smock and ranger jacket. H2P Fabrics

    Both come in green or camo

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    Thanks a lot guys. I found your comments really helpful. I will have a closer look tomorrow when I am rested. Perikli, maybe we can start a hellenic section in the forum

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    A cheaper option......a slightly bigger army surplus jacket with a thin/light goretex type jacket worn under (if its raining), a scrim net stiched around the hood so it can go over your face. An example of it working - stood within 50yds (down wind) of about 6 fallow does with young last night in a wheat field...they looked once and then carried on........, not a first or last I know, but it does work and with out the cost!

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