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    Howa 30-06

    Some tiome back I posted that I'd purchased a Mossberg-branded HOWA 30-06 for my son-in-law. My initial loads were with Speer 180 grain SP and they shot well enough. I put a Pentax scope on the gun last week, disliked it for it's fat reticle, and swapped it out for my last NOS Weaver 1.5X-4.5X Wide view before heading to the range last night with a can of 4350 and some Sierra 165 grain Game Kings. I used my Lee Classic with a 3.7CC dipper and left the bullet to OAL the 180's were set at. Wow. I fired three, three shot groups at 100M after zeroing the scope that were in the .5" class with two cutting in each instance. Not a hot load, but deadly. I think the Loader and the scope can go with the gun and he'll never have a problem with accuracy. I could work on the load but there is no point. I could tell with the gradual scope adjustments that the load was shooting as well as I could with this rifle: It just dropped a bullet pretty-much where I expected it to go with every shot. I am pretty happy. I almost forgot how easy it is to get a good load with jacketed bullets!

    I'm am glad that the Howa action didn't s-t-r-e-t-c-h too much during load development! ~Muir
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