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Thread: Stalking experience - Dorset

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    Stalking experience - Dorset

    Morning all,

    As a newbie to deer stalking I would be very grateful if i could accompany anyone on a stalk to learn field craft techniques/stalking in Dorset.
    At present I have the use of a quarry, which means we drive around in a truck until we find the deer - so not a great deal of stalking.
    I would like to learn as much as posible about all types of hunting, but quite happy to return any form of assistance in return - labourer/dogs body, buyer of pints etc !!

    Cheers Matt

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    Well done Matt, I had a gripe about people wanting favours but not offering to put themselves out.

    Hopefully someone in your area will take you up on your offer of help and once they know you let you get some shots. Don't be disillussioned if they don't take you out straight away or let you shoot straight away, but most people aren't greedy once they trust you.

    My friend/helper (was helper now very good mate) shot his first fox the other day, he was over the moon, he's had his first deer, fox, crow and jackdaw with the 223. And plenty of rabbits with the .22. He's been helping a year now and hadn't ever shot so took a while to teach him how to but I go out of my way to get im opportunities has he comes to help and clearly enjoys being out. (he turned down a shot at a good buck as he thought it was too far for him, nothing inspires trust like not pulling the trigger!

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    Cheers Dickyboy, luckily I have land that I can shoot so dont mind if i never take a shot on someone elses land.Just after some-one to teach me the best way of doing it.
    Though of course would never turn down the offer of a shot

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