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Thread: Shoulder Mount Goat

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    Shoulder Mount Goat


    I am hoping this year to shoot my first wild goat, I would like to get it shoulder mounted.

    I have been told by a few people that forever the cape will stink to high heaven, even worse in the summer!

    Does anyone know if there is a way of getting rid of the smell?



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    Their wrong , mine dont smell at all

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    I'll tell you in a couple of weeks when I pick up my silver medal Irish goat that Phil Leggett has shoulder mounted for me. Mind you, I didn't think it smelt that bad (no worse than a rutting stag) before it was sent to the taxidermist - unlike Gadget's goat, which smelt like it had been well soaked in a stale urine and testosterone marinade for a number of years... I'm just working on the fact that a). my wife is more bothered by the goat's eyes that it's smell, and b). I have teenage sons , so the addition of one more rank-smelling, musky object in the house will not be noticed.

    Mind you, there's also another well known SD member who had to keep his goat shoulder mount in the garage for a couple of years before it was deemed to smell acceptable enough to be allowed into the house.


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    I believe you leave the cape to soak in paraffin or something like that for some time ! Im sure a taxidermist on here will help you

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    I have two hanging on the wall. Six months later they still smell on warm days.
    The taxidermist recommended spraying them occassionally with an odour blocker that you would use on furniture.
    Personally I didnt bother.

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    There are products taxidermists can buy from the States which will do the job. If the hide is washed and tanned properly there will be little or not smell at all from the mount when finished. If it smells that bad then there is a problem with the mount that you will not be able to rectify.

    The stuff from the states they use for Skunks and other mustelidaes and if it works on them it will work on goats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    I believe you leave the cape to soak in paraffin or something like that for some time ! Im sure a taxidermist on here will help you
    Good idea then set it a light I presume

    Seriously maybe a taxidermist will know of something to remove the smell, its bloody awful I was involved in a large goat cull a good number of years ago had to burn all my clothes no matter how many times they were washed.
    vehicles used took months to get rid of the smell.

    A local shoot has one in the beaters hut its OK until they light the stove on a winters day a soon as the hut heats up it starts to stink, and its been there for ten years.

    Its OK though gets the beaters out stops them hanging about on a wet day they are quite keen to get started again.

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    Friends of mine who have a lot of mounts of overseas goat species all say that you just can not get rid of the smell.

    I know my taxidermist had to use two vats of tanning solution on my big goat to get rid of the smell as best he could.

    Best partial solution is to avoid shooting them in the rut!

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    Shoulder mount Goat.

    As Malcolm says - you can get "odour out" from the USA which has worked for me when mounting Goats. I also finish the mount with "hair sheen" which both leaves a nice shine and smell. (best to avoid shooting them in the rut though!)

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