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Thread: Fox Pro Scorpion (brand new unused still in box)

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    Fox Pro Scorpion (brand new unused still in box)

    For sale: Fox Pro Scorpion (brand new unused still in box). This is an excellent piece of kit, just bought it but have been offered a bigger version for a good price so thought id see if anyone wants this. Drop me a PM. Cheers STEVE

    Foxpro web site:

    For sale at Bushwear for £400 plus postage I’m looking for £320 including RMSD. Bushwear are actually selling the older version. This is the X1B which has more features.


    The SCORPION X1B from FOXPRO was designed for those looking for maximum portability and convenience, yet still offers superb sound quality and volume. The SCORPION utilizes a powerful amplifier to deliver maximum volume in a compact unit. Need more volume? Connect up to two external speakers and transform the SCORPION into a mega volume digital game call (try one of our SP-55 speakers)!
    The SCORPION X1B comes packed with an incredible variety of 50 high quality sounds from FOXPRO's amazing sound library and is capable of storing up to 200 sounds.

    Key Features:
    Smallest and lightest wildlife caller in its class. Small enough to fit in your pants pocket! Weighs in at mere1 pound (1.55 pounds with batteries). Length 7" Width 4.5" Height 2"
    Comes complete with the most desirable TX-9 transmitter with full graphic display. No need to deal with paper lists as sound names are stored in the transmitter
    Operates on 8 "AA" NiMH rechargeable batteries, or alkaline batteries. Batteries are NOT included.
    The transmitter TX-9 uses the common 9-volt battery
    Pilot / Low Battery LED shows that the unit is on, and when the batteries need recharged or replaced
    Programmed with an incredible variety of 50 sounds! Call many species of predators, game animals, and birds. Holds up to 200 sounds
    Mono / Stereo operation
    2 external speaker jacks for greater volume if needed
    Plays multiple audio file formats - MP3, WAV, or FXP
    AUX Jack for controlling optional remote operated decoy or scent mister
    Available in Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity or Mossy Oak Brush
    5 year warranty, owner needs to register the unit on the Foxpro web site.

    Key TX-9 Remote Features:
    The SCORPION X1B comes standard with the ergonomical TX-9 remote control which features two custom preset buttons that provide quick, one button access to your favourite sound, PLUS your pre-determined volume level. The TX-9 remote features a graphic backlit LCD panel which shows your sound list, volume level indicator, battery level indicator and an elapsed timer to let you know how long you've been on stand.
    Includes FOXBANG! - FOXBANG is a feature that, if activated, is designed to automatically switch the sound playing on your caller to Preset #1 when your firearm is discharged. The transmitter has been engineered with circuitry to detect high sound pressure levels, such as a gunshot muzzle blast. It is common knowledge that once you shoot at a coyote (or fox, etc.), that many like to switch the caller immediately to a coyote pup distress, ki-yi, or other predator in distress sound at a high volume. What this has involved in the past was to take your hand off of the gun, locate the Preset #1 button (if your caller even has Presets), and depress it. While it is only one button press away from activation, it still forces you to take your attention away from what's in front of you. If your caller doesn't have Presets that store both your preferred sound and volume settings, then you need to not only take your hand off of the gun and find the sound that you need to switch to, but also adjust the volume to your desired setting. With FOXBANG, this scenario is now avoidable. If you have Preset #1 set up as a Coyote Pup Distress at a high volume, then the unit will immediately begin playing this sound and volume setting with no input from you at all, allowing you to remain focused on what is happening in front of you.
    • Full LCD Display - All the controls and functionality you expect. Volume UP and volume DOWN, MUTE, RECALL, and SOUND up and down to change the cal. Instantly change sounds and volume level
    • Mute button to pause calling
    • Recall button to effortlessly switch back and forth between two desired sounds
    • 2 custom preset buttons. You select and store 2 custom sounds presets with individual volume levels (refer to P1 and P2 on the remote keypad)
    • Backlit LCD Screen for night hunting!
    • Volume level indicator
    • Battery state of charger level indicator
    • Elapsed timer to let you know how long you've been on stand
    Programmed with an incredible variety of 50 sounds! Allows you to call many species of predators, game animals, and birds. Holds up to 200 sounds

    Ill also send the rest of my calls apx another 50
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    What are you like!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_R View Post
    What are you like!?
    The one I wanted was a bit too much but they ahev made me a better offer...So if anyone is looking for one and wants to save themselves a few quid drop me a PM. If not Ill just keep it, its a nice bit of kit and really compact but very loud!!

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    Have sold this one but can get more of any of the Foxpro range at vastly reduced prices. If your looking for a top end caller drop me a PM. Cheers

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