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Thread: midland game fair

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    midland game fair

    just wondering if anyone is going to the midland game fair this year i am camping there from thursday till sunday it would be great to put faces onto names

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    I'm not going unfortunety I hope those of you who are going have a good time and a beer for those of us who can't make it this time round.
    I think the next time some of us can get together will be at Rob Macs reloading training day. I really want to get to know the people on this site better. Now that the trolls have gone its brilliant!

    Enjoy your weekend all!

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    Me and the wife are travelling up for the first day, we are staying at Cannock chase though as i am tighter than a ticks ass, and not willing to pay sixty quid a night to camp at the game fair.
    Regards MT.

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    Are you camping in Cannock Chase? I have in the past, Its great to walk out of the tent and see the Fallow deer. Unfortunately you have to put up with the Townie caravaners and their generators going day and night! God forbid they miss eastenders!!!

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    Mole trapper, I am sure it is sixty quid for the whole weekend, from thursday night to sunday. If you only want one night, it is still the sixty quid, 'so a rite rip off' if you only want one night. The wife & I hope to go friday through to sunday.

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