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Thread: 223 reloading kit

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    223 reloading kit + PRESS

    hi im thinking of reloading so want a basic set-up to have go so any bits i maybe interested in thanks ,,, well ive bought the lee challenger starter kit , ive got some lee dies allready have a micrometer and a vernier , so a cleaner possibly ??? help
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    I have RCBS neck and seater dies almost new surplus
    to requirements. Let me know if you are interested.
    Atb Jonathan

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    Hi i have just advertised a full set of dies 223 never opened
    K C Rimmington

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    Since Bongo didn't come back, hope nobody minds me mentioning that I am looking for .223 dies. Please PM me if anyone has some. I am totally new to this, just learning what I need. Have just about everything i think except the dies.

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    Really sorry about that i had forgotten to put closed , Im all sorted thanks i got the above RCBS , hope you get fixed up bills ive doubled up a little will let you know if ive anything i dont need . Thats all except a cleaner and comparator rod thingy kit .
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    No probs Bongo. Glad you got fixed up. You are speaking double dutch to me at present as I am yet to learn what all these things are!! You sound like an engineer off the Starship Enterprise to me at the mo!!
    I have bought a kit with just about everything included (so i am told) but I do know I still need .223 dies so if you have spares let me know mate. Thanks

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    Hi Kevin,
    If you still have the 223 dies can you send me a PM as I am looking for 223 reloading gear...

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