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Thread: 22-250 or 260 for Varminting?

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    22-250 or 260 for Varminting?

    Good day all

    I’ve noticed a lot of the guys here are using 223, 22-250, 243 and 6.5-47 to shoot Varmint (Rabbit,Corvids etc) and I'm intrigued how you went about in applying for the permission from your local constabulary?

    I use a 22-250AI and 260 Rem for foxes and a 308 and 260 for deer, all 3 calibers are on an open ticket.
    To shoot "Vermin" I only have the .22LR.

    I would like to use the 22-250ai or 260Rem to shoot Rabbits and crows but I’m not sure how to go about it?
    Should I just ask for it and see what they say or not?

    Could any of you guys please put me on the right track, I would appreciate any advice on writing up an application.

    Thank you for your time

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    Hi Mike,

    There's no magic to it and unfortunately in the end it comes down to how your issuing force (mis)interpret the Firearms Act(s) and apply the Home Office Guidance to Police.

    If you download a copy of the Guidance from the sticky at the head of this forum section you'll see a chart at the end of Chapter 13 titled 'Good Reason to Possess a Firearm'.

    This chart should only be used to establish the initial good reason for the grant of a firearm e.g. a .308 would be suitable for deer, a .22 Hornet would not. After the initial good reason has been established then there should be no reason why any quarry to the left of that column cannot be taken with the same firearm - there is no such thing as the mythical 'overkill' which some FEOs are keen to quote.

    Unfortunately some forces apply that chart in a very prescriptive manner and assume that the firearm can only be used on the quarry in the column it features in.

    I'd suggest you also download the BASC Fact Sheets on the subject from the link here: and here and then approach your FLD with the relevant information to make the case.

    Maybe even ask them to replace your existing condition(s) with 'Any Other Lawful Quarry', which will save you any hassle in the future.

    If you encounter resistance from the FLD then your shooting organisation may be able to assist you - SACS & NGO certainly will.
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    I can shoot anything on any of my calibres (Within the law). It's to do with the wording on your conditions.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    you can reasonably ask that 22-250 be used in connection for vermin control, longer range rabbits etc where the .22 in not practical

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    just do it anyway, you really think an office would ask/care if you were taking a shot at a rabbit with a 22-250 rather than out foxing.

    sometimes people worry too much

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    And what's the penalty for the breach of a condition on a Firearms Certificate?

    Why risk anything when it's a very simple matter to get the issuing FLD to comply with the Guidance and amend the condition.

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    As Orion says, ask for the "Any Other Lawful Quarry" wording.


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    On my 222 I had fox and Muntjac so I wrote and asked for rabbits and got it, not sure if I put in too much wording but I think it was an oversight on their part.
    If I were you I would also ask for fox on all your calibres.
    Plod will allow this if deer is already on the FAC usually without any restrictions.
    But PKL says it is pretty unlikely any prosecution would be forthcoming should you breach the conditions. Evidence+a prosecution being in the public interest+CPS funding=hard to come by.

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