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Thread: Tikka M595 Twist rate and other questions

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    Tikka M595 Twist rate and other questions

    Hi everyone, great forum which I am only just discovering!

    I am getting rid of my Ruger M77 Mk2 .220 Swift rifle due to ridiculous ammo costs. Before anyone suggests, i have not the time nor money for reloading, as much as i would love to. Maybe in a year or two when life settles down!

    Anyways, I am going for a .223 and was about to buy a Tikka T3 the other day when I found it had a 1 in 8 twist. I thought that was good as I can use heavier rounds but after talking to my friend a very experienced gunsmith and regular shooter, I have changed my mind. According to him yes the rounds can go heavier, but only because they are slower. I want something extremely accurate over long ranges.

    Moving on, I found a Tikka M595 today, brand new and screwcut for 650. I have never held one and it felt like sex in a stock . Absolutely gorgeous balance and lovely cheekpiece (for me). The only slight drawback for me is the safety as I am used to Rugers all my life with the 3 point safety, but thats not enough to put off this rifle. So first question is, 650 for a new m595 .223 - sound like a good price?

    More importantly (as i will probably buy it anyway!) is - MODERATOR.I want something slim not huge like the Reflex. I have researched this a little bit and found PES silencers seem to get good reviews. Would anyone agree with that? Does anyone have one for sale, or know where a good condition used mod can be bought? I am short of cash and need a scope yet! Thinking of a Bushnell Elite 4200 for optimum value for money.

    Hopefully some of you experienced folk can help

    Thanks y'all

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    Have a M595 in .222 I have had it for about 10 years cracking rifle & at that price i would get it before some one else dose.
    I have just got a new stainless barrel fitted & i hope to have it for many years to come.

    I am not the most carfull of people when it come to my rifles & it has been well used & still has never let me down.

    I am looking to change out my .243 Remington & am looking for another M595 if i can find one.


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    Thanks for vote of support for this rifle John. Yes i have deliberately not mentioned who is selling it! The gun dealer in question is seriously struggling for business and really knows NOTHING about guns?! He acts surprised when I walk in, as if to say "what are you, a customer?"
    I asked him what twist rate the barrel is (this gun is brand new) and he said "well i don't know, its a gun, it will kill a fox won't it, what more do you want?" I didn't answer "a free Zeiss scope to dress it with" cos he isn't the type to take a joke!!!!!!! I do intend to buy, but before I do i need to check twist rates and no idea how to check this unless dealer knows, and this one doesn't!
    John, do you know if they are all the same twist rate and if so do you know what rate it is? Failing that, do you know how to check? Is it printed on barrel like the T3? Couldn't see it when I looked. Thanks again

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    The M595 .222 came with a 1 in 14 twist, i have change that to a 1 in 12 on the new barrel.

    Not sure what the .223 came in, you could trylooking in the Tikka web sight, you might be able to find out there or some one on here might be able to help you out on that.

    The lad that has the rifle he dose not have one .243 bay any chance?


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    will ask for you John, next time I am passing

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    Hi mate,

    Both the All-weather and the synthetic had a 1 in 12" twist in 223.

    The Tikka website is your friend, manuals and specs for all models of 595/695/695Mag.

    I was looking at one recently, that's how I knew the info was there.


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    Your very experienced gunsmith friend should have told you that you can fire lighter bullets in a rifle with a one-in-eight twist, you are not obliged to shoot the heavy droopy ones.
    The problem arises when you have a slow twist and want to fire a heavy bullet and find that it does not stabilize correctly.


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    I find your friends comments interesting. I have shot .223 both fox and target for years and have found the following: a 70grn or 69grn bullet will do about 3000 FPS through a 1:8 twist barrel and will provide (I promise with factory not homeload) a 4" group at 600yds. The wind will also not effect this weight bullet as much as a lighter one.... more accurate. The lighter rounds will shoot a lot flatter but at less than 200yds there will not be much between them, but.....most importantly no worries with the heavier bullet if its windy!
    I have a Tikka T3 lite with a 1:12 twist and use 55grn Blitzking Sierra's which provide a less than 1.5" group at 200yds, home loads granted but factory ammo will not be to far behind at that range. Have been a pest controller for 30yrs and don't remember shooting a fox more than that distance even in daylight.

    The moderator yes go for a PES (MAE) I have a Small Muzzle Can 224 STS which is very good and for the price a lot better than T8, ASE etc..etc. Speak to Julian at JMS Arms he knows his stuff - his web site is

    Hope this helps.

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    Considering the age of the Tikka 595 are you sure it is brand new?

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    i have seen some like new in the box m595 rifles out there. they have been out some years now so seeing new ones tht havent been used are pretty rare. i would snap it up at that pice there superb rifles. i like the safety on them its simple and works fine.

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