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Thread: Tikka M595 Magazine

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    Tikka M595 Magazine

    Looking for a 5 round magazine for a Tikka M595 .222

    Any body out there got one going spare.


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    I think that you are being a bit hopeful there Macky, they are a bit like hen's teeth to come across these days.
    Have a look on the internet especially sites in the States but be prepared to have to pay. Incidentally they are 6 round and not five round. The same magazine is used for .17 Rem and .223 also.

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    Give Chris at UKGunworks a call, he recently sourced one for my M595 .243 for me, at a good price.

    He has a lot of contacts for the 'older' type Sako/Tikkas.

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    You could always try Bob of Elite Gun Services on 01425 656919

    hes a top man to deal with and has some outstanding contacts all over the place.

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    It might be worth giving GMK a call, I bought two M595 mags from them about 2 years ago. Also, try Cheshire Gunroom.

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    Thanks for the replies, i have sent a email to GMK will wait & see if i get anything back from them.

    I am heading of to America at the begining of September so i might be able to pick somthing up there if i am lucky.



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    Macky you have a PM.
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    Macky if you are going to the U.S. have a look at the Beretta U.S.A. website, they list both 3 round and 6 round mags.

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