Hi all,

Have been lucky enough to connect with a few bucks over the last few weeks some called up some not. My question is have stalkers been noticing more damage from pronging , stabbing or headwounds ?? i have had several now that have various degrees of damage.
One blind in one eye(eye was still oozing out gunk!)
two with broken ribs (one could have been from a while ago and not related to the rut)
one with marks to the ribs inside and out, organs stuck to ribcage at the same points as the external marks
another this morning with a open gash around one side of the head leading up to the coronets, this beast i knew something was wrong with it as it was constantly shaking its head , turns out in the wound were loads of maggots and it stank along with this the rear end had been pronged.
shot the same amount last year roughly and only one showed the sort of damage i have seen this year. these beasts have come from roughly different areas. Killer buck out there?