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Thread: Advert in mag???

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    Advert in mag???

    Seen this Ad in this months sporting mag .Clearly showing a Tika .22-250 at 450 with the contact details of were to buy from.Now after seeing this i contacted my local dealer who said he couldnt match that price .So i contact the said supplier to find out were i could purchase this at that price and was told that it must be second hand and that model hadnt been made for a while?? So i asked him why the Advert which he replied I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE AD AND IF THEY ARE THAT PRICE ORDER ME A FEW..
    AM i missing something
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    I think you will find it is not an advert - it is a list of the equipment used in the article

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    So its telling me i cant buy a Tika m595 in .22-250 from GMK at 450 as reviewed by Mr.M N...
    Stating A product A supplier and A price looks like an Advert to me .
    Nearly forgot they have none i stock

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    stop being a tight wad, you only get what you pay for in life.
    you'll never get a new anchutz for ole remington money

    seriously though, the rifle being used in the picture doesn't look new.

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    Just new rusty barrell would be along
    What part off the rifle doesnt look new?? And your missing the point nobody has a .22-250 for 450 new or second hand

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    Looks like a advert to me for gmk, if they said this is a review of a gun purchased xxx number of years ago for it would be different.

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