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    he is out stalking with me every day and he loves it

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    Great photo ! nice dog ,ATB ye old stalker

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    Nice to see a boy that can shoot straight

    Archies Mum

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    HI ANDY,
    How is ALFIE coming along,the reason i ask is that i am simons dad,and i saw that pup when he brought it home,and i thought then what a little cracker.It was good that he went to a good stalking home,i have only trained springer spaniels and although the breeds are worlds apart,i new he would be a good dog.It was the way he kept looking at you and i said to simon thats a good sign.Iwould be very interested to hear from you regarding alfie and how the lad has turned out.

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    hi ian he is doing really good he walks to heel whilst stalking,has had some good finds,and falls asleep at the bottom of the high seat
    he is very good in the house lays in his bed all day untill its time to go out but most of all my kids love him.

    all the best

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    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the reply,you have certainly got a real cracker there.I told simon this when he brought him home,i said that because he looks at you thats a bonus i found this over the years with my springers,if you got there eye its easier training them.
    If the Boss had said yes at the time,then i would have had the job of training him,she said that she wanted a dog free house,and who am i to argue after 40 years.Iam really glad he has settled in and doing what he was bred to do......I look at him and he is the dead spit of of the bitch that the tracker uses in the forest in kassel in germany,where simon and myself hunt boar,and if he finishes up as good as her then the training that you are giving him wont be wasted.Are you keeping busy on the deer,i took on 2 very large woods with fallow in last year,so with the rest of my grounds it keeps me very busy.Also this year i have taken on quit a lot more,that has not been managed for quite a few years this hold a lot of beasts,mainly muntjac and roe.The first outing on it simon shot a gold medal muntjac......jammy little sod!!!.
    Well i had better get back to job in hand thats making up the floor for the tower,iwould like to put in a flap,so i can enter through the floor but we will have to see.
    Iwould appreciate it if you could let me know how the lads coming along.
    Best Regards,

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