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Thread: Ayrshire again

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    Ayrshire again

    Once again I was off to our syndicate permission in ayrshire on wednesday for a couple of days in search of roe bucks.
    All the information I had was that the rut had probably finished and I'd be lucky to see any bucks until September now but I was going to go anyway as time is at a premium and you have to be in it to win it my book.
    Wednesday evening saw me a roe box overlooking some clear fell. After about an hour I gave the butalo a go and called for about 5 mins. Nothing showed, not even a doe. The following morning and it was off for a walk into another roe box overlooking a different piece of clear fell. On the drive around to the back half of the permission I'd seen several roe including a couple of nice bucks so I was hopeful they might be out on our ground too. Saw plenty of does but no bucks within shooting range.
    I decided that since we now have a hill cat (argo) on site that I'd have a play in the afternoon on that and get to cover some ground in ease. All was going well until I hit a quagmire of mud and managed to get the thing stuck up to the axles, deep joy thinks I. After some hugging of trees and wrapping rope around them I managed to get back onto the dry stuff and so decided to make my way back and put the argo away until the ground dried out a bit. Working my way back up and down the slopes of a ride through the forest I crested the top of a slope and, going over a small drainage trough I was knocked from left to right inadvertently catching the gear selector and knocking the argo out of gear. I then began what can only be described as an Ozzy Osbourne moment of shear panic as I gathered pace down the fairly steep slope of the ride to what I was convinced would be my doom. Thankfully my cell kicked in and I managed to pull down on the controls and come to a save stop. I was now sitting about 2 inches higher on the seat due to the large amount of crap that I felt sure would be in my trousers. I continued back and locked the argo away and sat down to a large mug of tea. I'll stick to walking in future!
    Thursday evening saw me back in the same doe box as the morning as I just felt sure that something would come out as there were a lot of slots etc on some muddy ground to the left of the box. After about 40minutes a buck made its way down onto the fell and obligingly stopped about 80yds away. Shot in the lower neck he dropped on the spot and didnt move again. A five pointer that showed obvious signs of recent rutting scraps. 13.8kg, clean, nice dark coat with only 1 tick visible.
    The following morning I drove around to the other half of the estate and on the way around from the forestry track spotted a buck about 200yds away on another piece of clear fell. Rifle out and another 5 pointer on the ground, this one had a healing front leg breakage where the bone had come through the skin and was in fairly poor post rut condition at only 13.2kgs, clean with no ticks visible.
    I could go on and tell you about the two red stags I shot but the fact is I missed them!!! The first at about 60yds. How the hell do you neck shoot a buck at 200yds then completely miss a red stag at 60yds then miss his pal at 150yds. I think the shaking like a leaf prior to the shot won't have helped. I checked the zero when I got back and put two shot touching at 100yds so it was definitely pilot error.
    Anyway, here are the two bucks, both 5 point.

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    Nice write up, shame about the misses hey. Reminds me of a time when I miss a boiler room shot on a hind approx 60 yds away, then proceeded to hit a 4" lump of rock 100 yds away 5 minutes later. These things happen.


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    good write up mate its funny how you can hit a roe at a certain distance and miss
    something the size of a red the next minute i think we all have days like that the old
    adrenalin pumping ,anyway well done with the bucks

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