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    munty buck

    After dawn till dusks kind offer to take me out and get my first deer, a munty doe, big thanks mate, i decided to book 2 stalks with mark jackson to try for my first munty buck.
    Thursday night we went out and the weather was awfull, with heavy rain and we were both soaked to the skin . We came to a clearing at the end of a wood onto an open field and mark, spotted two munty bucks both of a good size feeding in the field at about 130 yards, i was a bit nervous but decided to try for one. I pulled the trigger and the buck went down, and so i decided to take the other one too, so i ended up with two cracking munty bucks. Have to say a big thanks to mark for putting up with me, and will book him for my first roebuck in the future regards tony

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    well done,

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    Lucky devil i have yet to catch up with a munty !

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    muntys are like buses, wait long enough, and two come along together lol

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    well done biker, isn't it great when things all fall into place, kinda puts into perspective the days when everything goes wrong...

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    Look like a couple anice beasts cant beat a day like that.

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    very nice perfect stalk muntjac in my eyes

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