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Thread: Memories of Sutherland

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    Memories of Sutherland

    In December of 2009, we went up to the Sallachy Estate in Sutherland, I thought you might like to see some of the scenery en route.

    The journey up

    The cottage we stayed in whilst we were there.

    The view from the cottage, you might just be able to see the fish farm out on Loch Shin

    Started snowing just prior to our arrival

    An hour or so later

    Fabulous place.........
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    beautiful area, the view point that looks down over the estuary towards bonar bridge is amazing

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    Beautiful, went down to -16 when we were out stalking, drift snow up to my waist (I'm 6ft 4in) , one of my lasting memories was falling through the snow into a burn, after making my way out my boot lace had come undone and the laces were stood up frozen stiff like a TV ariel and Alan tied my laces like I was little school kid.
    We shot 2 Sika on that particular day in a clearing in the woods, coming back I fell down a few times, (burns covered over with snow, like traps, you just couldnt see them into you were falling into them) Alan dragging 1 Sika and me the other, eventually I stopped for a breather not realising I was literally round a band of trees from the Deer larder, Christ it was cold!, Alan didnt notice that I had stopped and vanished round the bend, only to return after he had made it back at the Land Rover, a more welcome sight you never saw than that little rugby players smiling face!


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    Nice write up, good pictures. I have stalking up there, you would have driven past it to get to you cottage, infact, I am up there next Saturday. Beautiful in the summer, this will be my first winter stalking up there.

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    Guy, and I thought it was just me. I got stuck for a good 5 minutes up to my tits in a wet drain that had rushes it in that supported the snow above when it ws about -5. I'd just shot a doe and left my stick where I shot from to walk across the snow. It was only when I managed to get my rifle off and use it like a snow shoe that I made progress. I've never been so happy to get my hands inside a deer and all I could think about was the scene in starwars where they use the tom tom (big dead stinky ride on animal thing) on as a bivvy bag when caught in a blizzard on that ice planet hoth!

    Happy days and the doe weighed 9.2 kg dressed... what a success

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    All the bits you never hear about eh?

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    It's a beautiful place alright, I was up at Sallachy on Wednesday and Friday, heres the loch from a little way up the hill

    Paul that view from the Struie hill over the Kyle of Sutherland is not called millionaires view for nothing

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    Will be up in about 6 weeks time for the 28th consecutive year. The view over the Dornoch is one you never get tired of no matter what the weather.

    Busy time of year coming up for everyone so good luck to you all.

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    10 weeks and I should be up there, but the quarry will be Greylags, wigeon and teal though. Quite a nice part of the world.

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