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Thread: Venison Butchery Course/demo, is there a market for it?

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    Venison Butchery Course/demo, is there a market for it?


    A good number of you on the site know me & know that I run a small Game Dealers in the New Forest-Hampshire.

    Due to the fact that I am shortly going to be tied 24/7 to the Game Plant with the fast approaching Game Season (god I hate feathers)!, I was just considering the merrits of running a few Venison Butchery Demos/Courses over the odd evening during the week perhaps once a month from 6pm till 9pm.

    I am just testing the water at this stage to see if there is a good market for this probably with new commers & people that just worry about how to make the best of their shot beast.

    I dont mean to attempt to teach experianced stalkers to suck eggs but, I am sure that there are a good few people out there who would appreciate a course such as this over an informal evening at a reasonable cost?

    This is by no means an advert but just to toe in the water at this stage on my part.

    Regards Lee
    Newhouse Game

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    Sounds like a good idea Lee, just wish I were closer if you do get it off the ground.
    I wish you luck with it.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    I would be interested. I live near Andover.

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    To far for me also but there`s no reason why it shouldn`t work.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    The only way you will ever find out is to set a date in stone and see what the response is

    from there you can go forward
    good luck with your venture

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    I would be interested in this. I am new to stalking and close to you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by baguio View Post
    I would be interested. I live near Andover.
    yes i to would be interested as i live near Andover, dont supose you would consider buying my game and venison for this coming season thats if you are giving more than HG..??


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    I would be interested and I am near Andover

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    Would also be interested bit of a slog but one day over the weekend would work for me, could possibly be of interest to a few others up my end,any idea of cost and how many you would like in a group?
    Anglo deer management and training
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    Venison Butchery Course/Demo


    With some good feedback & overall interest the first available date I have open would be Monday the 19th of September.

    The Demo & a very informal Question & answer session would be run by myself & one of my staff from 6pm until 9.30pm.

    I would include the following & we should have 3-4 species of deer available to use:

    Basic Skinning & breaking the deer up into Primals
    Cutting of all primals down into Steaks & finished Joints.
    Vaccum Packing
    Diced & Minced Venison, (various grades of).
    Sausage, Burger & Processed Product Production & Packing.

    There will be Tea & Coffee available & we will provide all protective clothing for you whilst you are in the Game Plant.

    We would be in a position to take upto 6 people on one course & I hope to be able to run these every other month if there is a demand.

    Cost will be 60 per person upon booking.

    Please PM me if you are interested & we can take it from there.

    Regs Lee

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