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Thread: Release pen raided

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    Release pen raided

    Old Charlie got in the release pen last night and nailed 34 poults, 3 had to be necked also as in a bad way, total of 37 lost. No sign of how he got in but sign of digging out (spoil inside the pen). Cage trap is now set will be checking first thing in the morn.

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    Ouch, that's a big loss! maybe he squeezed in between/through the bottom chicken wire and the main/wall plastic netting joint. Happened to me first night I got my poults this year - DOH!

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    Really don't know mate, The chicken wire is dug in the ground pointing out the way so they cant dig in, hence he was able to dig out, and no sign of going in thro the pop holes, plus most ive taken just recently are 2/3 grown so doubt they'd get thro, stood of from the fence is 2 electric wires, so dumb founded.

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    A sore one. Fox can and will climb the fence especially if the wire is tight.

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    few questions

    how long was the lekky fence on before poults put to pen
    what is the reading on the lekky fence when tested
    how long hav poults been in pen
    did you flush the pen before putting the poults
    if the fox dug out then it did not get in by going over the top
    I am guessing the fox was either in the pen or there is a hole in the fence which it got in by, but was to small to get out of with a poult in its mouth which is why it dug out
    and more than likely a cub than an adult as they would of scaled the fence

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    Some interesting points there mate.
    The lekky fence was put on once the poults were in.
    Cant tell you what the reading was as i didnt do the test but was defo on, ans still on now.
    The poults were put in Sunday morning mate so would have been in approx 5 days.
    The pen was flushed by me prior as it had rabbits in there, so defo clear.

    Why do you ask mate ? what do you do different ? do you leave the fence running prior to putting the poults in ?? and what reading to you average on the wire ??



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    I put the fence on a week prior as min
    depending on size of pen I would expect any reading to be a min of 3000v on my tester , any less you are in the a difficult zone
    most cheap battery units will produce 3000+
    if not then I would put 2 units on and seperate top and bottom wire
    plus your earth may be dry so the fence is not running to its fullest
    but I am guessing your lekky fence is faulty
    It happens
    check your fence unit with a tester
    then attach your unit to the fence to see if you get the same sort of reading
    if not
    make sure you hav nothing earthing it out as that is normally the cause
    It's all a process of elimination

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    Thanks mate much appreciated, ill do some snaggin in the morning. Cheers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza View Post
    A sore one. Fox can and will climb the fence especially if the wire is tight.
    I'll support this comment, I have seen Fox climb trees, trying to get at roosting birds, I also once had a Jacker that would climb Hawthorn to get at Moorhens, so don't discount climbers!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I have seen baboons escape over a 14' electric fence at Blairdrummond Safari Park by running up a giraffes neck so as Gazza says you too have a climber. Thick tar on the post tops and a dribble on the top wire will stop it.

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