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Thread: when you least expect it

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    when you least expect it

    well after months of trying to see deer on my permission(which i,m not allowed to shoot)it's finally happened. seen them over the years mainly when foxing at night but since i,ve got into stalking around march this year been on the look out for them.seen all the signs slots,droppings,damage but never 1 in the flesh. well tonight i was laid with my 17hmr in a track between 2 fields i took 3 shots at some rabbits and after they had all legged it i stood up too go home and low and behold there he was 80 yards away in the field behind me, 6 pointer and a beautiful rich chestnut colour never seen 1 with such colour. watched him through bino's for 10 mins before he headed back into the woods.going with the camcorder tomorrow to see if i can get some footage. cheers stav

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    Ayup lad well console yourself with the fact that you have at least got some on yours,I keep getting reports of muntjac very close to one of my farms but im still waiting to see one

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