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    knife making

    hi thinking of making my own knife for stalking, can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to source a decent blade and the other bits and pieces. thanks

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    I've always found English Handmade Knives to be very good for supplies: I've had a number of blades from them, along with handle scales, etc.

    I've bought a lot of knife scales from a seller called Englishrose222 on eBay.

    Make sure you sign up on British Blades as well:

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    I was talking to the guy from English Handmade knives the other day, really nice bloke.

    Another source is a website called Brisa, I can't remember the full details. Don't worry that its based in Scandinavia, the service is better and faster than most English suppliers!

    Enzo blades are ideal for projects, I have made a larder knife using the Enzo Fisher blade and a fiberglass material called G10 (which is a barsteward to work with, wouldn't recomend it as a first project). This is now my main larder knife and I am very happy with it.

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    Have a look at this site. It shows you how to make a knife from old tool files.

    Knife Making Video |

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    If you let me know what you want I can send you either an un-ground knife blank or one ground to a razors edge. I can also send you the knife scales (handles) and the pins to hold it all in place. I actually make my own knives, a coulpe of my first knives are attatched, moved on alot since them though .
    Also if you want you can do it the other way and get the 01 carbon steel billet yourself and grind out the balde and heat treat it yourself, though a wee bit to learn if you do that. If anyone else is interested in a knife I will be doing a batch to sell soon of the design below and other designs which I should be selling in a couple of months ( maybe sooner ) as I have the sheaths to make.


    Regarding the G10 , if you use that dont forget to have respiratory protection, I use a face mask and vacuum to clear the dust. This applies to all knife making such as grinding metal and wood, though more so with the man made stuff. Alot of that stuff is going to screw up your lungs and risk lung cancer in later years.
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    Get hold of Tony at Moonraker Knives he has every thing you might need. I have delt with him for years and he does know his stuff.

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    thanks for the replies. chickenman you have pm

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    Here are some that I have made here, all except the large drop point on the left, the two smaller ones were made for hawkers, the drop point on the right was a rehandle for a lady who asked for her broken Karasuando to be re-created.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I started by making one of the Karasaundo kits,and then went from there, the nice chap from English handmade knive has sold me some wonderful blades, and have scoured ebay for scales. Best thing to do is try, learn from your mistakes and enjoy!!

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    This knife was a mates first ever go at DIY knife making. He bought the billet of Damascus from TX,shaped it himself and used wild briar root for the handle with mosaic pins..a great job too especially for a first off.He presented it to me and she`s in the saddlers getting a custom pouch made atm.

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