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Thread: 6.5mm bullets...whats your favourite?

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    6.5mm bullets...whats your favourite?

    Hi Guys, I am about to work up a load for my new .260Rem, and wondered
    what was your favourite 6.5mm bullet for deer?

    I mainly stalk Munty and Fallow, with the odd Roe, and of course any foxes that happen by.....

    All advice is appreciated.

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    I have tried many different bullets, but i always return to Nosler partition
    my favorite choice.

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    Hornady 129 grain Interlock for small deer, Hornady 160 grain RN for larger species.~Muir

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    Hi There

    I use 100 Gn Nosler BT in my ..260 and 120Gn Nosler BT in the 6.5x55, Both very effective, minimal meat damage if used at recommended velocity limits, very accurate. Thats on Roe , Fallow and fox. No doubt at all on the capabilities on Reds, but I havent had the opportunity yet to try.

    Best of luck with yours.



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    Thats a good point well made by tikka 260. the ballistic tips can be very damaging and explosive almost if used too hot. it is also worth noting that here are ballistic tips for hunting and varminting, they are not the same.

    i have used hornadies interlock in 243 and found it pretty good. speer hotcor give excellant results on game but IN MY EXPERIENCE are not as accurate as some others.

    i would be looking for a soft point bonded or locked bullet that is widely available and will go out at about 2800-2900 fps. one that is in the mid range of what my rifle's twist rate will like.

    looking at hodgdons data a speer 120gr spitzer would be good or noslers 125gr partition.

    unlike Muir i have one rifle in each calibre i use and so i use one load per rifle because i don't like to move zeroes.


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    129 gr Hornady interlock, never had anything go further than 15 yards.


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    Thankyou for your input Gents.

    Out of interest Tikka260/Swampy, what do you see as being the max velocity for the Nos 120gn BT?

    This bullet did shoot particularly well on paper at the weekend so if I can get the velocity right I may try the load out on deer.

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    Hi Tikka

    This link is from the Nosler Forum on their website and is advice from the best source : The Manufacturer.

    I have the 100Gn BTs going at very pedestrian velocity - 2870 fps which is not fast for a 260 with a 100Gn bullet, BUT they are very accurate, and cause little damage to the carcass , always supposing proper shot placement.

    The 120 Gn in the 6.5x55 are going at 2850 or thereabouts, also not quick quick, but for me the same argument still applies, I would rather have accuracy and good shot placement than a 'screamer' of a round that uses loads of extra powder for little return.

    Exit wound on a Fallow ( Larder weight 98lbs) from 100 Gn BT , bit pink , high heart /lung shot, ran 3 steps and FLOP !



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    ballistic tip velocity.


    i would go with T260 in that 2900fps is plenty fast enough. that will ensure you get good and controlled expansion without massive damage. I think in the real world from a sporting rifle you will be around the 2800 mark. perfectly sufficient IN MY VIEW.


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    Thankyou once again for your help, I'll get the chrono out over the weekend and see where we're at with the 120s.

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