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Thread: scope mounts

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    scope mounts

    what sort and size mounts would i need for a s&b 8x56 on a parker hale .243 (30mm tube).
    any advice?

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    Ok these will do what you want if your rifle still has the P-H bases fitted:-

    Other 30mm options at the warehouse:-

    You will need to adapt them to accept a recoil stud as Lynx don't do that. Not a huge problem I might add. other wise change the whole mount set up.

    Weaver bases with any number of 30mm rings would probably be the cheapest way to do that depending upon whos rings you decide to buy as some rings do cost a lot.

    Hope that helps.

    PS P-H did make some RAHS5 rings in 30mm but they seem rare and costly when they do come up.. I have a set somewhere but have not seen them since the move so they may have been lost in the move... I do hope not though.

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    I have Leupold bolt on bases on my PH
    the kind with rear windage adjustment

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    cheers i will take alook

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    My 1200C in 25-06 has the Leupold std (Redfield Junior design) on it as they were on it when it came to me and I was going to change them but some idiot has used a whole tube of locite on them. Cannot get some screws out without drilling so they can stay for now. Have to cut off the excess with a scalpel to tidy it up My 1200 Super in 7.92mm has the Leupold Q/R lever operated mounts on it.

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