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Thread: first buck for me

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    first buck for me

    well finally done it got my first buck .when out on new land first time out ang get my first deer and had my 6yr old with me which made it even more special for me he ran past us in the wood so we just layed down and kept quiet he then up over fence into field so got myself into position and couldnt believe it another buck came out and he was a cracking beast 6pointer but i decided to take the smaller one out so took shot and he dropped on spot no twitching just never moved the other buch actually started to walk over to it i put crosshairs on it but decided i didnt want to be gready and only got small freezer so let him go back to his wood for another time made a bit of a mess doing the gralloch as forgot to cut the food pipe and found it hard to pull the guts out they realy are well held in .so checked the glands all seemed ok nice grey colour and no signs of cysts or anything guts went into hedge line and into car and home at 100m an hour lol so as you can imagine im chuffed to bits and totally addicted ps was chuffed with shot as well as heart was completly smased and lung ripped but was no exit hole was using federal 100grn fusions
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    Well done webby first of many to come mate.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    Well done that man!

    The first one's always special no matter what the size.
    The gralloch is hard to master but the more you do the better you become.



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    Brilliant well done, it will all start to come together now.

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    well done

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    Nice one, grin and a half on the little fella too!

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    Well done fella, I like your style- the 6pt. buck will be there for another time and the chances are he'll be rutted out now. He'll eat better towards the end of the buck season. Enjoy this one, the lad looks pretty chuffed

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    Well done.

    A great outcome. A stalk. A good shot. A dead deer.

    take your time with the gralloch as Eddie says practice helps, it is always takes a bit more effort than you think.

    Don't rush or try too hard and cut yourself.

    Well done again.


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    nice one practice makes perfect

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    score!!! well done mate, one down and many many more to come I hope!

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