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Thread: Am I barking up the wrong tree?

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    Am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Ok chaps, after picking your brains.

    After living on a farm all my life, n always bein around dogs, the mrs has raised the point of us gettin a dog in our new house. Now I'm all for it, but have taken a bit of time to assess what may be suitable or unsuitable. I'm not keen on the idea of leaving a dog home alone all day, personal opinion, so want something small enough to mooch round with me at work (I also work on a farm) jump in the car n go everywhere basically.

    So after batting a fee ideas around, she suggests a beagle. Now having never considered one before, and not knowing much about them, I did a bit of pokin round Ont net n quite liked what I saw.

    So now I'm after some opinions from people who have had a beagle, know one or have seen them work as to what they are like? I've read they were initially used for tracking hares and rabbits and can now be used on deer? This true, anyone any experience of this?

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who can offer a few pointers

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    Every beagle I have ever met would be described as strong willed and single minded, they go off on their own following a scent for miles.
    do you not want a working dog?

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    No experience of beagles, but my mother bred bassetts years ago. She had problems with them disappearing on a scent line and not coming back for hours. I'd be concerned that this could happen with many of the hound breeds.

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    Get a good leggy Jack Russell. It will bond to you and travel easily in a car or tractor or whatever. It might even track deer!

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Beagles are mental, lovely but mental. If I was in your shoe's I'd get a jack russel or a patterdale. Farm worker two farms down has a Jack Russel, you never see them apart... EVER. Very loyal little dogs

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    You will spend your life running after a beagle. We used to use them for driving fox, excellent for that but we relied on the villagers to return them later, sometimes much later!! We always got them back, i wouldn't suggest it these days though. They are not suitable for pets as far as i know.

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    I follow and help out a little bit with a pack of Beagles.

    They are fantastic hounds, with lots of character. However, the exact characteristics that make them good at hunting can make them challenging pets. They can be wilful, stubborn and very independently minded (all qualities that can help when hunting a line without anyone with them). They have very keen noses and will be off following lines at a momemts notice.

    I'm sure all of these traits are less strong in Kennel Club beagles, as opposed to those which have been bred and entered into a pack. However, I can still think of lots of breeds (some mentioned above) that may better meet your needs and situation.


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    What about a cocker? Small, hardworking and real characters.

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    Beagles smoke too much anyway, one of my mates had one & it was on 40 B&H a day

    Regs Lee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    Get a good leggy Jack Russell. It will bond to you and travel easily in a car or tractor or whatever. It might even track deer!
    + 1 for Jack Russell



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