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Thread: Lack of support from BASC

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    Lack of support from BASC

    I recently had an application for a pistol for humane despatch declined by Northyorkshire police giving me 21 days to appeal at court ! i contacted Basc by phone on numerous occations leaving messages i then tried emailing them and still no response, the 21 days has now lapsed " on my last email i reminded them how much money they would be loosing when two syndicates would now not be renewing their memberships guess what they replied to that one the next day !!!! so from now on i'll be choosing NGO

    Has anyone else had a better or simillar response from this outfit ?

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    Im with SACS now .No problems anymore

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    I might be wrong but I recall BASC changing their policy some years ago to only supporting cases they felt they could win. I stopped paying my subscription five years ago as I didn't see the value in it and stuck with BDS and NGO instead.

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    I also may be wrong but if the police felt you have no cause for a humane dispatch pistol they alone must have seen your evidence of said need and dismissed it or you suitability. I don't think many people need or will be called upon regularly enough to justify the Chief Constables' signature. BASC know this historically to be no-win fight.
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    Its the no response that would **ss me off .thats part off your reason for joining these companies

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    you should have had a response of some sort that is not good enough ,should they felt it was a helpless case they should have said !!!!

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    Red dot has a point however either way you should have had a response from BASC, even if it was a simple 'We don't think you need a pistol so we won't back you up', etc... the pistol thing is a bit of a grey area. I pretty sure that if you were a member of BDS there is no way they would have supported you in a pistol application.


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    Same happened with me, had a small dispute over the mentor condition a few years back when they first bought this condition in. Basc started the case for me then left it, I was passed onto three different people who all lost interest in the dispute. I spent so much time chasing them up as they never get back to me and in the end told me there was nothing they can do for me.

    Then a friend of a friend that has years of experience in firearms and stalking wrote a nice letter to my firearms dep, to which they then kindly removed my condition.


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    i stopped my basc membership 2 years ago, i am with SACS now , best 30 ive spent in a long while

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    i stopped my basc membership 2 years ago, i am with SACS now , best 30 ive spent in a long while
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