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Thread: Accommodation near Dingwall with possible stalking

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    Accommodation near Dingwall with possible stalking

    My girlfriend and I might be going to take a week in October, probably 15th - 22nd, in the Dingwall area. It is a long story. Can anyone recommend self catering accommodation in that general area (i.e. within half an hour or so north of Inverness and not costing a total fortune!) and also make any suggestions for some stalking? I'm not looking anything fancy for the stalking and as I will be up with the girlfriend might prefer a morning or evening rather than a whole day on the hill for reds so forest for sika or roe might be ideal. Somewhere "beginner" friendly might be nice as it would be great if I could get the girlfriend to shoot a deer - she has never shot a rifle before so somewhere willing to let her have a few shots until she gets into it would be great. Also hinds are acceptable as not looking to spend a fortune as will be in the Hebrides for stags in September so likely to be bankrupt!

    I know it is a lot to ask, and also that it might not work out like that as the girlfriend might want to stay beside M&S in the centre of Inverness but I thought to ask as I know there are a lot of people on here with knowledge of that area.

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    If you were in the area the week before I could have taken you out on an area I have for Sika Stags. Its an area with old caledonian forest on it and is about 20 miles from Dingwall.

    You should have no problem finding good B/B in Dingwall there are plenty about. Let me know if you can come up the week before and I will see what we can arrange. If not I am sure JAYB might be able to get you out on his bit as he is just up the road from my area.

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    Contact >>David Brown<<

    He is located at Cannich, cracking set up.

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    Thank you Malc and TJ, I'm a bit stuck with dates as my girlfriend is off work that week. I don't have my leave sorted out yet but thought to take advice from the good members on here as regards somewhere to stay and the possibility of some stalking. In the end I might not be able to fit the stalking in but am hopeful of managing a week in the area no matter what. Hopefully we can make some decisions over the coming week and get something sorted.

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    Send me a pm with your dates, I'm pretty sure I can manage what you want.

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    I have stayed on an estate called seaforth that had loads of different self catering options from farmhouse to a one bed cottage. When I was there the estate gave me local contact for stalking and any other fieldsports you wanted. It was fairly reasonable as well. It is still on Internet. Hope this helps actually right by Dingwall.

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