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Thread: Hardcore suppressor

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    Hardcore suppressor

    Anyone tried the Schultz Larsen 'Hardcore' suppressor/moderator?


    I kinda like the look of it,,,but then again, I am partial to its origins

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    looks a bit too much like a sex toy for the end of my rifle....

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    ha ha ha, just after posting on the forum I actually thought the same. Deffo don't leave gun cabinet unlocked when away on a business trip

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    How much do they cost, and how do you go about getting hold of one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt_hooks View Post
    How much do they cost, and how do you go about getting hold of one?

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    yeah +2. and what do they weigh etc.... not the most informative web page eh?

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    The UK Distributer seems to have closed the website due to retirement........

    Might be worth an email to-

    They are the Norwegian distributer, the only other distributor is in New Zeland, but no email or www page to look at.

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    I have just had this reply;

    Hi simon,

    we do not have a distributor in UK, sorry.

    In a few months a compagny will be choosen as importer.

    Best regards

    Med venlig hilsen,
    Morten Krogh

    S & L Produktion ApS
    Raskvej 54
    8763 Rask Mølle
    Tlf.: 75 67 95 22

    It's a shame there is not more info available, we will have to be patient it seems.

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    I'll check them out in DK over xmas, will be right next to the factory..will report back!

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