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Thread: Newbie from Derbyshire

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    Newbie from Derbyshire

    Hi all,

    About me hmmmm... where to start?

    OK here goes, served in the Army from 82 to 92 with the majority of time in Germany, during which time I took a great interest in handgun shooting, particularly practical pistol and bought my first pistol in 84. On moving to civvy street I maintained and developed my interest until the 97 debacle. Understanding that shooting was part of me I needed to diversify to carry on, so I took to the rifle, I currently shoot .22rf, .223 and 22.250.

    I am now a Bushcraft and Survival Skills instructor and have been for the past six years, working all over the country, occaisionally over in Europe and have spent some time in the Sahara. My work takes me away from home and keeps me away for a greater part of the year so I am not able to shoot as often as I would like, domestic responsibilies and all that.....

    Whilst working at The Wilderness Gathering this weekend I was discussing a land and licensing issue with a friend and shooter who runs another Bushcraft company and he suggested this forum.

    So here I am. By default I am not the most active of forum members, as it appears most questions I have, have been asked before, or someone gives the answer/comment that I would.

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    Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it and find all the answers you need,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi lonescout
    most members on here will try and help you out , if you are stuck for some were to zero , we are in derbyshire give us a shout

    all the best

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