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Thread: Sika Stag

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    Sika Stag

    Out on saturday night and run into this big bugger! Watched him for a while with a group of other stags which i must say were also good beasts.

    Could not believe the size of him when i caught up with him, he disappered into a plantation after i shot him, glad i had my dog with me! must have took me two and half hours to get him to my motor, i really understand the meaning of the word DEAD WEIGHT!!!!! all part of the stalk for me also though.

    Highland game confirmed yesterday that he is a 143lb larder weight.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thats a good larder weight for up your way I would have thought, the heaviest i have shot was 150lbs larder weight in Dorset, but at least I had a couple of mates there to help pull the bugger out and onto the quad.

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    I have been speaking to few guys over the weekend who shoot a lot of Sika in the Borders and they also confirmed that he is a big boy for this area also! I have never seen a Sika with is much fat on it, i had to scoop it out when carrying out the gralloch. You can compare his size to the Red's he is hanging next to in the van.
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    Thats a good sika you shot there, the heaviest sika i have seen shot in wicklow was 170lbs in the larder.


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    Yep same with mine loads of fat, mind you they have some large areas of Maize to munch on so that helps. I was speaking to the gamedealer at the time I took mine in and he reckons that he has had the odd one of 170lbs larder weight in the past.

    Am off down there shortly so hope to catch up with some good weights again. Best of luck to you for the remaining part of the year.


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    Thanks Malc, same tae you.

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    That's a bloody cracker, never had one as big as that, his size really shows up when you compare hime to the reds hanging next to him, well done. Hards as nails as you found out, they need anchoring or they run as you also found out

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    buggery by goodness, it's a donkey. Well done that man

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    Nice stag there Von, those were my 2 reds in the van and I know how hard they were to get off the clear fell, you must have had a good bit of exercise there, where did you shoot him if you don't mind me asking

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    Bet that fat fecker ran on a bit. What a big lad. What did you stop him with and how far did he travel after the shot??

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