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Thread: FC lease opportunities

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    FC lease opportunities

    Here you are leases coming up,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Very tasty prices. No recession in the FC world of course and with VAT @ 20% these are going to the agents and paid for by foreign guests

    I could not get up there regularly anyway , so good luck to those interested.

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    I will have to sell the house to pay for those.You dont seriously pay those prices up there do you,greedy *******s.

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    JAYB- A bit late any interest had to be recorded by 5th August and tenders are being opened on 26th!

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    better late than never, anyway I believe it was late onto their website.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    It was on the FC site a while ago as my mate called me about them, but I think they omitted to put on the Scottish section and it got lost on the general site


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    I had one of these blocks (Laiken) off the Commission for a year - can't remember how much I paid. I shot 26 roe but it was hard work and I gave it up - I had another block in Strathglass (Aigas) which had mainly reds and this was more interesting.

    Maybe its just me and the action of familiarity breeding contempt but I can't quite get my head around people paying that sort on money to shoot roe?

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    Having never applied for one of these and probably never will some questions;

    I assume the forestry would retain the carcass?
    How hard is it really to get awarded one of these contracts?


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    No, no, no - if you were handing the carcase over to go in the Commission's larder there would have to be a form and risk assessment for that.

    From that point of view its like any other forestry lease - there is (or used to be) a lot more paperwork. In high season (October to February) they used to want weekly cull sheets - they expected you to shoot anything and everything including pregnant hinds in March.

    I suspect the difficulty will depend on each case - perhaps the demand is not so great this far north. There is not however, as someone mentioned above, any chance of them going to out of country syndicates (like me currently!) - unless they had some sort of deal with an agent - then there is the issue of the commercial creeping in - don't honestly know how the commission treat this - maybe someone else does?

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    Don't touch any FC ground, it will be lamped to submission before you get it then they will ask you only to stalk weekends near the end of your lease due to them going in and shooting all sexes and pregnant does and hinds are downed during the week. The FC encourage mountain bikers, husky sled teams and bobbly hats of all ages then wonder why you are 10% off the cull requirement. I had 3 forests in Glendevon and we had so much human disturbance i felt i was the unwanted individual, we even had 10 Pikeys living at the green gate and one called the cops as he had seen an "armed man" in the woods... That is my experience with Perth & Kinross area.

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